Lack of sleep and obesity: scientists shocked direct link

Lack of sleep impairs fat metabolism almost immediately, but rather within a few days

Недостаток сна и ожирение: ученые шокировали прямой связью

Most people do not have a clear sleep mode in the middle of the working week often fall asleep well after midnight, while hoping to sleep in on the weekends. Scientists were able to prove that only 3 days per week with a sleep deficit are destroying the metabolism.

For ten days in the experiment involved healthy, young men. Prior to that, they in one week fully rested at home and then slept for five hours during the week. On the fourth day of the experiment to the dinner parties have started to give food with a high fat content. To deal with the impact of sleep deprivation on metabolism, participants donated blood samples. Scientists were able to figure out that a deficit of sleep have a negative effect on lipid metabolism after a meal.

Lack of sleep led to more rapid removal of lipids from the blood after meals that can trigger obesity and excess weight.

Недостаток сна и ожирение: ученые шокировали прямой связью

So experts in the study found that just several days defective night’s sleep that the body felt a negative impact. In particular, the deterioration of the absorption of fats and increased sense of hunger.

Also earlier it was reported that it is not necessary to be afraid of in the first stages of weight loss, if it seems that something goes wrong.

According to the world health organization, after a couple of decades, obesity will become one of the main problems of mankind. Nutritionists at this point that when weight of a person creates for himself difficulties which eventually may lead to the development of dangerous diseases.