Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will play together again in a movie

Outrageous singer Lady Gaga and American actor Bradley Cooper will play together again. This information became known after the release of the trailer of the new film.

Леди Гага и Брэдли Купер снова сыграют вместе в кино

The movie premiere will be an autobiographical picture of How To Be: Mark Ronson. The film tells about the life of the famous British musician Mark Ronson. Interesting is the fact that the melody of this composer’s Shallow became the soundtrack to the first film, which stars played together for the first time — “a Star is born”. The picture that appeared on the screens in 2018, gained the love of fans and appreciation of critics.

After the release of the first film, fans have assumed that a couple has the romantic feeling that they have managed to show so believable in their acting. As you know, the famous actor and Director, Bradley Cooper has filed for divorce from his wife, Russian model Irina Shayk. Many fans blamed the event Lady Gaga and showered her with wave of condemnations.

About the new film yet little information. The film-makers are going to keep the intrigue up to Kona, as the trailer is not even shown scenes together actors.