Lady Gaga in a predatory manner with feathers in the pages of Allure magazine

The star appeared in a spectacular photo shoot for the magazine.

Леди Гага в хищном образе с перьями на страницах журнала Allure

The famous singer Lady Gaga starred in a provocative photo shoot.

Celebrity took part in a spectacular photo shoot and graced the cover of Allure magazine.

The photo of Lady Gaga posing with bright makeup and unusual hairstyles in a futuristic style.

Add a feel of pizzazz helped interesting outfits with feathers and solid gold decorations.

In addition to the photo shoot outrageous singer also gave the magazine a Frank interview in which he confessed to the Genesis of her style and image.

“In fact, Lady Gaga was born when I began to use makeup. I’ve always loved to do bright makeup that I had seen from afar. In my young years I loved to hide behind these rich colors of Burgundy red lips, blue eyelids. It looked a bit wild, but I was so comfortable,” said the star.

Also, Lady Gaga said that despite the makeup, hairstyles and glamorous outfits, she thinks she’s ugly.

“I never considered myself beautiful. And still there are days when I can’t look in the mirror. Although it would seem — certainly for the many years you can get yourself and gain confidence. Perhaps this is what unites us all — sometimes we compare ourselves to others not in our favor. And all my career I’m learning not to do it,” he said.