Lady Gaga is ready to tell the whole truth about the affair with Bradley Cooper

As reported by the insider publication Radar online, Lady Gaga is preparing a real “bomb”. According to available information, she is now busy writing the script of the future film, which will be based the events of her own life.

Леди Гага готова рассказать всю правду о своем романе с Брэдли Купером

As told to the informant, Gaga a few years ago decided to tell all his life story — from the days when she was lonely and misunderstood teenager until she became a star. But now the singer has decided to continue his story up to the present time, include in the narrative the story of their relationship with Bradley Cooper. And it is expected to be the most sensational part of the future scenario.

Note that now the singer just developed suitable conditions to work on his opus. Indeed, although her performances in the framework of the residency in Las Vegas continues, in between gigs it is quite a lot of free time. For now, Gaga, by her own admission, not seeing anyone. She said, posting your photo with a friend (made at the bachelorette party of a girlfriend) and signing it as “the Lady who will soon marry and one lonely lady.”

Thus, it became known that Gaga broke up with Dan Horton, with whom she started Dating in July last year. However, some fans of the singer not too believed in the sincerity of her relationship with Horton. Fans of Lady Gaga decided that she flaunted his “passion” for the new man for the sole purpose to annoy his former lover Cooper. And when the singer saw that Bradley ignores her new novel, she dumped Dan.