Lady Gaga named the new album after the singer Adele

The flamboyant American singer Lady Gaga once again surprised the fans, saying that her new album will be released under the name ADELE. Some linked it with the name of another famous British singer Adele, but the star has not commented on the “strange” decision.

Леди Гага назвала новый альбом в честь певицы Адель

Recently, the Twitter account, Lady Gaga wrote about the new album, only noting that his name is likely to be ADELE. This caused considerable surprise among many fans of a celebrity. Some noticed that the two celebrities have never worked together, so the solution looks pretty weird. Some believe that the album is in no way affiliated with the singer Adele, and the history of the famous other person with the same name.

On the Network even began to create memes in connection with the name of the album Lady Gaga, but the singer does not react neither to humor nor their assumptions. By the way, the news about the new work of the singer appeared in the spring of this year. After a time, Lady Gaga has confirmed that it is indeed preparing for the 6th album, which will be in the Studio, and then announced the name ADELE, though some fans thought her message just a joke.