Lady Gaga showed slender legs at the wedding

Lady Gaga , which many blamed for the disintegration of the family Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper had a lot of fun at the wedding of his friend Sarah Tanno. About it she wrote on his page on the social Network: “Two of my best friends got married. Time to celebrate!” This signature she provided my wedding photos for which she posed in a dress with a high slit allowed her to show off your slim hips.

Леди Гага показала стройные ножки на свадьбе

On Sara’s wedding 33-year-old Gaga, which inherited the role of chief bridesmaid, dressed in a pink silk dress, which she picked up in the tone of your hair. Indeed, in the beginning of last month Gaga repainted, becoming a blonde razvivalas diva. The first time she showed her new style when she appeared with a poster song for the film “a Star is born” for which she was awarded the “Oscar”. And this picture was taken to celebrate the fact that sales of recordings of this song blocked the milestone of 6 million.

As for the actual wedding, it was pretty violent – as was to be expected. And Gaga stopped dancin ‘ at the party so that by the end of its two standing. To show how much fun she was on holiday girlfriend, the singer shared in the “stories” video of his dance with the bride.

Tara – really very close and longtime friend of the singer. No wonder Gaga chose Tanno, together with her to create her new line of cosmetics Haus Laboratories. A bachelorette party for Sarah, she overcame the pain she received from the day of trauma – when Gaga fell off the stage into the hall along with don’t keep its fan. “I can be very painful, but I can’t because of this skip the bachelorette party of my best friend!” — wrote Gaga. And she later shared her photos with Sarah from the party, which is signed: “This is the lady who will soon marry and one lone woman…” So, Gaga confirmed that she broke up with her boyfriend Dan Horton and now single again.