Lady Gaga spoke about her nervous breakdown

Fans of Lady Gaga cruelly disappointed: they will not be able to see at least one show planned for the near future. The singer has canceled his next concert in Las Vegas. As reported by the 33-year-old Gaga, she is very unwell and not able just now to go on stage. “I am in despair due to the fact that you will not be able to perform. I got sick at the same time I have a sinus infection and bronchitis… But I love you guys and I promise I’ll get back to you!” — such an appeal to his fans has left the singer on his page on the social Network.

Леди Гага рассказала о своем нервном срыве

And shortly before this, in the interview, Gaga, broke up recently with her regular boyfriend Dan Horton, shared her story that she didn’t mention. As already admitted to one singer when she was 19, she was something of a nightmare: she was raped. But she never told me that due to her shock, she was then on the verge of having to take his own life.

As told Gaga that she had experienced a nervous breakdown. And it was, as stated by the singer “the most horrible period in her life”. Almost immediately after the incident, she began to do-harm — in an attempt to drown out emotional pain with physical. She put herself cuts. And one day the singer was cut up by myself so much that I could die from blood loss and was rushed to the hospital. Only after a course of medications and lengthy observation by a psychiatrist she claims Gaga, unable to cope with the effects of old trauma. However, according to the singer, without a trace, for her, this story still took place. Causing severe, chronic neurological pain disease — fibromyalgia, which affects Gaga, was due, according to her doctor, it is the body’s reaction to acute stress.