Lady Gaga told the whole truth about the relationship with Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga in love in Bradley.

Леди Гага рассказала всю правду об отношениях с Брэдли Купером

The gap Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk blew up the media space: just talking about it. And when it became clear that Cooper had an affair with Lady Gaga still on the set of “a Star is born”, everything almost went crazy. So what ended up this complicated story and ended it all.

For some time Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga tried to hide their relationship, but the truth came out. Feelings arose during the filming and was mutual. “There’s no doubt about it — Lady Gaga love in Bradley,” — told friends of the singer.

In July, almost immediately after Irina Shayk has moved out of the mansion, Bradley Cooper, settled there Lady Gaga. The singer even managed to change the interior and order new furniture — said sources close to the actor.

Friends Lady Gaga claimed that Cooper was going to make her an offer hands and hearts: they assured that the actor is already looking out for her engagement ring. Interestingly, of course, where they learned about it, but it won’t matter because the engagement for some reason failed.

“It was lust, but not love”, — quotes Lady Gaga magazine Life & Style. The singer admitted that Bradley “broke her heart” that he changed his mind and broke off the engagement at the last moment. Apparently, Gaga really believed Cooper’s “the” man. The singer even tried to make him jealous by appearing in public with Dan Horton, but no results to no avail.

Someone thinks that Bradley is afraid of responsibility and are not yet ready for serious relations and others say that after a high-profile breakup with Irina Shayk actor abhorrent to the attention of the press. I wonder how events will develop further, because there is a feeling that the end is not yet.