Lampard amatuka Klopp pid hour match “Liverpool” – “Cells” (video)

Лемпард обматюкав Клоппа під час матчу "Ліверпуль" - "Челсі" (видео)

Frank Lampard and Guus Hiddink

After Peremogi on “Enfild” over Cells (5:3) futbolista “Liverpoola” itsuno CCB awards Cup Anglisko Prem courier-play for Peremoga in Campanet.

Besides the eight Sabita Golf gledaju patsev I epsod, that trapese noprint pershoho half mizh coaches.

In one s growih moments gravity guests of MATEO Kovacic fouled on forward mersiades Sadio mane. Frank Lampard salosa scho porsenna not Bulo, and Senegalese simolova. Frank sprobuvav to convey my bacena to the fourth add.

“That foul? There is no foul!”, zvernuvsya mentor “Cels”.

Zaklik of Lampard not mg not pochuti Klopp, that asking the head coach “Cels” zaspokoic, ale TSE lachey razluchila Frank.

“I vzagali not pitau, shut pelku!”, – pocus jürgen in his address.

After tsofirst pochavsya vzhe “an active dialogue”, that zakonchitsja words of Lampard: “That psow t! Ti vigra only one title. Vdali od mene”.

Note that when the penalty came after priznachennya impact on Manet Trent Oleksandr Arnold powwow Periago mersiades.

Лемпард обматюкав Клоппа під час матчу "Ліверпуль" - "Челсі" (видео)

Trent Alexander-Arnold vicono strarry

So Yes, Lampard Perche vdtuv all the drama situat.