Lampard has imposed draconian penalties to Chelsea for offenders

Лэмпард ввел драконовские штрафы в "Челси" для нарушителей дисциплины

Frank Lampard

In the Internet appeared the schedule of fines that the main trainer of “Chelsea” Frank Lampard entered the club from West London since his appointment.

The list of penalties hangs on the wall inside the club’s training site in Cobham.

Лэмпард ввел драконовские штрафы в "Челси" для нарушителей дисциплины

The largest penalty the player will incur if late to practice, the player will have to pay 20 thousand pounds.

For 10 thousand pounds scanty Bank account of the player, if he is not informed about the disease before the output or 1.5 hours before workout.

Refusal to participate in club events and departure from the stadium after the game, not on the club bus without prior notice to the coach or his assistant will cost 5 thousand

2.5 thousand quid fine for being late to the match or the departure of the team, and for late arrival for treatment and medical procedures.

A large-scale war unfolded on the Cobham Training Centre with violators of the rules zvokov on a cell phone. So, if a player’s phone rings during dinner or team meeting, the fine will be 1 million pounds.

The same amount of the estimated appearance in the day or on departure of the team for the away match, not the club equipment, as well as being late for warm-up.

For being late to a team meeting for every minute the player will be fined £ 500.

The penalties must be paid within 14 days. Otherwise, their size is doubled.

In addition, Lampard introduced a rule under which all are ready to subscribe to coach the Premier League – banned players ‘ agents appear on the database, if the visit is not officially agreed upon in advance. However, the amount of the fine for violation of this rule, are not spelled out.