Land Rover will release a new Defender in a special version for China


Land Rover выпустит новый Defender в специальной версии для Китая

Company Land Rover in the presentation to investors to announce that the new generation Defender will be offered with a new “specific features for China market”.

Although details about the differences between the Chinese version and European and American not reported, the overall situation looks quite logical — the Chinese market the largest in the world, including for the Alliance Jaguar Land Rover, but now sales of JLR cars in the country dropped dramatically, which makes the search for the remedy options.

Land Rover Defender plans to equip a number of law enforcement units, including the ordinary internal combustion engine, and mild and rechargeable hybrids. Collect the car will be in Slovakia, and as for appearance, it will retain the same square design that its predecessor.

Defender also will remain in three – and five-door versions, in specifications with long and short wheelbase, and the main competitors models are considered Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Land Cruiser and Ford Bronco coming.

The new Defender is built on a modified platform of the MLA, which is the basis of the new Discovery and Range Rover Sport. It is expected that the debut of the novelty will take place at the Frankfurt motor show in September and sales will start in early 2020.

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