Landing Russian special forces in Norway: new details have emerged

Высадка российского спецназа в Норвегии: выяснились новые детали

Revealed new details of the scandal with Russian special forces in Norway, where he conducted the exploration. It is reported by “Novaya Gazeta”.

The publication writes that the Russian diplomats in their usual manner hastened to assume, say, the publication of the special forces is “an attempt to justify the allocation of additional resources to fight the “Russian threat”, which is carried out before the submission in October of the defense budget and recommendations for long-term development plan of the Armed forces.

However, the “Novaya Gazeta” claims that a screenshots of the publications made by employees of the Chechen special forces. From Dating, geo-location and reviews, we can conclude that the “flying squad Kadyrov”, as they call themselves, these men, working in the Arctic, including in the Norwegian part of 2016.

Высадка российского спецназа в Норвегии: выяснились новые детали

The presence of Chechen special forces in the Arctic is no secret. In 2018, Ramzan Kadyrov announced about the exercises, which were held in Murmansk and Franz Josef. But on trips of their fighters on the territory of Norway, the head of Chechnya is not mentioned.

Высадка российского спецназа в Норвегии: выяснились новые детали

Journalists of “New” note that in the Chechen segment of the Internet you can find pictures of Norwegian geolocation. On Svalbard fighters clearly have been repeatedly, with arms in their hands, and they do not hide it.

It is noted that such illegal landing can greatly complicate the Russian-Norwegian relations.


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