Lane Hutson: small, but talented

Lane Hutson: Short, But Talented


MONTREAL | He's often compared to Torey Krug, but Lane Hutson identifies Adam Fox as the defender he likes to watch the most. At 5'9″ and 5'11″, Krug and Fox didn't fall for the old druid Getafix's magic potion like Obelix had.  

At 5'8″ and 151 lbs, Hutson is no giant on the blue line. If he does not have the typical physique of the job, the second-round choice of the Canadian in the last draft (62nd overall) compensates with very good mobility and exceptional game vision. 

< p>In the opinion of several recruiters surveyed by Le Journal before the draft, Hutson had the tools to hear his name in the first round, but his small size could set back some teams.  

Kent Hughes, Nick Bobrov and Martin Lapointe jumped at the chance late in the second round Friday morning when they mentioned the Michigan native's name. 

“You never know what can happen to a draft, recalled Hutson. I thought it was possible to get out on the first lap, but I also suspected that I could slip because of my physique. I couldn't be happier to be in Montreal. »

“I found it incredible as a feeling. Just to hear my name and see the reaction of the crowd at the Bell Centre. I was so happy. I felt like I had just scored a goal and people were jumping out of their seats. It was cool. »

Test passed

In development camp, Hutson stood out. He was in no way intimidated by the idea of ​​playing against bigger players and he always seemed to have the puck on his paddle.

“I like to play fast, I have to trust in my skills and I also need to focus on my defensive game,” said number 85 after an intra-squad game Wednesday on the ice at the Brossard Sports Complex.

Hutson had great eyes just to describe the pride he has felt since the beginning of the week to put on the uniform of his new team. 

“It's pretty amazing to wear this sweater for the first time. When I think of all the legends who have played for the Canadiens, I consider myself lucky to follow this path. It's an incredible feeling. We are talking about a team with a rich history and in addition, the Canadian has the most beautiful logo in the NHL. »

Still growing

Hutson will still need to wait before dreaming of the NHL and CH. In the fall, the left-handed defenseman will make his debut with the Boston University Terriers, the same team as Luke Tuch, another Habs second-round pick in 2020. 

“BU is a good program, they developed several players for the NHL, he recalled. And it is my goal to get there. Before that, I have to get bigger, stronger and even faster. I will also need to develop a mentality of a shooter. I often go for a pass, but if I can have an even more powerful shot, I will become more dangerous.

If he won't become the next Dustin Byfuglien, Hutson is hoping to grow a little more. During the physical tests in Buffalo, he walked around with a doctor's report to testify. 

“I had a report from a doctor (endocrinologist). They took x-rays of the bones in my hand. It showed that there was still room for growth. I am retarded in my growth according to the doctors. I haven't finished growing. In an ideal world, I could be 5'10 in two years. »