Large pension file – Thrilled with an income of $3,266 per month

Large pension file - Thrilled with an income of $3266 per month< /p> UPDATE DAY

A 65-year-old ex-nurse, proud of her gray hair, is living a dream retirement by pocketing $3,266 a month after a thirty-year career in a Mauricie hospital.< /strong>

“I worked for 34 years. I was in the emergency room in La Tuque. I had a great career. I'm happy with my white hair because it represents where I'm at,” laughs Sylvie Faucher, a 65-year-old retired nurse, met at a retirement summit last Wednesday.

Every month, she receives more than $2,000 from the Administrative Commission for Retirement and Insurance Plans (CARRA), $600 from the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) and $666 from old age pension, for a total of $3,266. .

“Not a punishment”

For Sylvie Faucher, the slogan “Freedom 55” became a reality since it was at this age that she retired after a career that began at age 21.

“I am privileged. Women and men before us fought in the union for us to have a decent life,” she insists.

According to the former nurse, we owe a great debt to those before her who fought with the sweat of their brow to have a generous pension fund.

When asked for the message she would like launch to young nurses, she paraphrases the appeal of the former premier of Quebec, Jacques Parizeau, who said: “Don't be afraid”.

“I would tell them not to be afraid of being retired. It's not a punishment. It's not an unpleasant time. On the contrary, it's the most beautiful of our lives”, confides the one who is doing like a charm. grow her grandchildren day by day. “It's just fun,” she smiles. “I am very well retired. It's a real gift, “she breathes.

While some workers take a dim view of leaving their job, Sylvie Faucher, retired for 10 years, says that we have to dive into.

“We have to embark on retirement”, concludes the one who is involved in the community within the Interprofessional Grouping of Retired Health Services Workers (RIIRS).

Founded in 1992, the Interprofessional Grouping of Retired Health Services Workers (RIIRS) has as its mission the defense of the rights of seniors, where its actions make it possible to make the voices heard. voice of its 11,000 members.

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