Large-scale forest fires in Florida evacuated more than a thousand homes

Out-of-control fire in the North-West of Florida became the reason of evacuation of 1,100 homes and closing Interstate 10, according to the portal Weather.

Масштабные лесные пожары во Флориде: эвакуируют более тысячи домов

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More than 1,100 homes that are close to the swampy forests fire will be evacuated before noon, may 7.

Crews continue to fight massive fire in the area of 8 sq km in the West and North-West of the state. The Department of agriculture of Florida, promises to provide new details when the situation becomes clearer.

Thursday, may 7, emerged just three major fires in the state. The other two – fire forest area of 1.2 sq km in the district of Escambia and fire in a swampy area of Walton on the area of 2.3 now partially localized. The largest of the fires blocked the work of the 16-mile stretch of Interstate 10 in the County of Santa Rosa.

6 may evening, the press Secretary of the County of Santa Rosa brandi Bates said that the path of the fire were 336 houses. How many of them have suffered – now specified.

The community center staff was open shelter, and authorities urged people not to ignore the evacuation for fear of infection with the coronavirus.

Firefighters are fighting the fire for the fourth day. Large-scale ignition started with the fact that the private contractor who had a permit for the burning, not considered all safety rules and the fire got out of control. In Walton County the fire started due to unauthorized arson near the beach of Santa Rosa. The culprit is found and expects to be arrested.

According to him, the fire covers more than 2 sq km and is already localized fire by 60%. In the region were evacuated residents of 500 houses, no injuries were reported.

A fire in the area Escambia covered 1.2 sq km. a Strong wind fanned the fire from the wooded area towards the river and Bay Perdido. As a result of fire people and buildings are not affected.

Department of agriculture reports that fire danger in the state has increased due to weather conditions – namely, low humidity and strong winds.

The Department of transportation warns drivers of danger on the roads due to strong winds.

According to the latest information on the West and North-West, as well as throughout the state of Florida, recorded a severe drought.

“On the Northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, where spring is always enough moisture this year since March 1 fell to only 43% of normal precipitation,” — said the meteorologist of the Weather portal Jonathan Erdman. Here fell only 11 inches of rain, which is almost 16 inches below normal for the spring performance.

With January in the state occurred nearly 1,100 forest fires. According to the Department of agriculture, almost all of them were caused by people.