Last hope for a Guinean to avoid expulsion

Last hope for a Guinean to avoid deportation< /p> UPDATE DAY

Threatened with deportation by the Canada Border Services Agency, a Guinean living and integrated in Quebec since 2018 implores the federal Minister of Immigration to grant him a reprieve that would avoid his deportation scheduled for Friday.  

The Journaltold in early August the story of Kaba Keita, who arrived from Guinea as a refugee in 2018 due to threats from family members.

Four years later, he rebuilt his life , married, has a job where he is adored, but he has also reconciled with his family, which has led to the revocation of his refugee status in recent months.

Despite steps from his lawyer, his employer and the office of his deputy, Mr. Keita finds himself a few days away from being expelled from the country where he believed everything was possible.

“He still hopes that he will be saved. He prays, he hopes and he still continues to work,” says his employer, the co-owner of the Continental restaurant, Mathieu Pettigrew, who describes the man as “perfectly integrated” and “an important asset for society”.


“That's the most ridiculous thing. It's that if he has to leave, we'll start all over again to get him to come back anyway.”

“Nobody wins”

< p>The restaurateur and the lawyer he hired to defend Mr. Keita, Me Maxime Lapointe, do not understand why Immigration Canada is hounding the man's case, arguing that “no one will be a winner by seeing him leave” .

Mathieu Pettigrew also denounces the absurdity of the system, he who was advised to spend to have a work permit prepared for his employee and complete all the procedures when the fate was played.

“When we got his Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for his government-approved work contract, we thought it would help, but the same government tells us that the eviction notice eventually went away. precedence over the rest and that he must leave”, denounces Mr. Pettigrew, deploring that “everyone is throwing the ball back”.

Kaba Keita's last hope therefore lies in the Minister of Immigration, Sean Fraser.

“The Minister has the power to issue a temporary residence permit for Mr. Keita. Now, will he do it before Friday, ”questions Me Lapointe.

The ministry indicated to the Journal on Tuesday that it could not comment on a specific case due to confidentiality, but indicates that the decisions are taken “on a case-by-case basis” and that the files are carefully studied by “highly qualified agents”.

Planned event

The lawyer and Kaba Keita's employer are now organizing a small demonstration on Thursday in front of the Continental to hope to increase the pressure on the ministry a little more.

“It's the last hope, we'll do everything what we can,” insists Mathieu Pettigrew, who would have liked to see the ministry move sooner. “I really thought someone in the machine was going to realize how absurd this file was. I am disappointed”, adds the entrepreneur for whom the loss of Mr. Keita would shake up the team in the midst of a shortage. 

For his part, the federal deputy for Louis-Hébert Joël Lightbound also took steps to accompany Kaba Keita. Communications have taken place with the office of Sean Fraser.

“Everything we can do at the moment, we try it, but the Border Agency wants to go ahead with the deportation. We have therefore also asked the minister to intervene and we hope for a favorable response,” says Gabriel Bergevin-Estable, constituency assistant for Joël Lightbound.

Maxime Lapointe would however like to see the candidates in the election provincial government to decide on the file, especially in the context of a general labor shortage. “I would be curious to know what the provincial parties think of it. It's time for them to intervene,” he says.

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