Last season, Dynamo has earned 9 times smaller Shakhtar

За прошлый евросезон "Динамо" заработало в 9 раз меньше "Шахтера"

Become aware of the amount of the payments to all the teams participating in the Champions League season 2018/19 taking into account those who failed in the playoffs and missed the group stage, according to UEFA’s official website.

Shakhtar earned last season 46,643 million euros, leaving the tournament at the group stage. Once in the Europa League, the Pitmen managed to pass only one round of the playoffs, ending their performances on the stage of 1/8 finals.

In turn, the Dynamo earned only 5,049 million euros, having been unable to break into the Champions League group, losing in the round of the playoffs, the future semifinalist “Ajax” (1:3, 0:0).

Interestingly, most of all earned is not the current winner of the tournament – Liverpool and taken off from the same Liverpool in the semi-finals, “the Barcelona – 117,730 million euros.

But the Reds earned “only” 111,099 million euros.

Playing in the final, Tottenham got 101,622 million euros.

Recall that in the current season Shakhtar have already left the Champions League after failing to qualify from the group. Your evropuli wards Luis Castro will continue in the Europa League.

Dynamo and all completed their performances in the European Cup, were eliminated from the group stage of the Europa League.