Latvia has banned the broadcasting of Russian TV channels the nine, who tied with the ‘friend of Putin’ Yury Kovalchuk (PHOTO)

Латвия запретила трансляцию девяти российских телеканалов, которые связали с 'другом Путина' Юрием Ковальчуком (ФОТО)

The national Council for electronic media (nesmi) of Latvia has decided to impose a ban on the retransmission of the country’s nine Russian TV channels, told reporters Deputy Chairman of SACMI Ivars Abolins. According to officials, the beneficiary of these channels is close to Putin, billionaire Yuri Kovalchuk, who is on the sanctions list.

SACMI received from the agencies of state security of the information that in the list of programs that are currently relayed in Latvia, there are several programs of the Russian media holding, one of the beneficiaries of which fell under the EU sanctions “for undermining the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine”, reports “Interfax” with reference to Abolins.

According to SACMI, the Russian businessman Yury Kovalchuk, who is subject to the EU sanctions, is the beneficiary of television channels “Time: distant and close”, “beaver”, “House of cinema”, “Dom Kino Premium”, “Music First”, “O!”, “Let’s go!” “Telecafe” and “Petersburg-the Fifth channel”.

After evaluating the obtained and available SACMI information, the Council banned the rebroadcasting of these programs all are controlled by the public electronic communications networks. The ban applies “to the entire territory of Latvia until the abolition of EU sanctions against a specific person (or group of entities) which directly or indirectly related to the aforementioned programs,” said SACMI.

EU sanctions and the United States were introduced in 2014 shortly after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, which the West believes annexation. At first they affected only individuals and banks. With the worsening situation in Eastern Ukraine and the beginning of hostilities earned sanctions against entire sectors of the Russian economy: financial, energy and defense.

Yuri Kovalchuk became friendly with Vladimir Putin in the early 90-ies. Since February 1991, the future billionaire held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board (Vice-President) of the Association of joint ventures of St. Petersburg. Five years later he, along with the future President of the Russian Federation established the dacha cooperative “Ozero” near Priozersk.

Currently Kovalchuk, the main shareholder of Bank “Russia” (39,8%), writes Forbes. Moreover, this Bank is called “Putin’s purse” associated with a small circle of Trustees.

Yuri Kovalchuk is in the sanctions list adopted by the European Union. He appears in the sanctions list of the USA. After freezing dollar Bank accounts in the United States “Rossiya” decided to work only on the domestic market and only with the ruble. Soon after that “Russia” was the Bank where Vladimir Putin after the imposition of sanctions has opened the account for the calculation of his presidential salary.