Laura Dern laughed at the rumors about the affair with Bradley Cooper

Information about the affair came after they noticed a joint on the walk.

Лора Дерн посмеялась над слухами о романе с Брэдли Купером

52-year-old Laura Dern has denied the rumors about the affair with Bradley Cooper, whose breakup with Russian model Irina Shayk was very loud. Dern pointed out that with Bradley they are only friends, almost like family, but not a bit of steam. And in new York, they walk just to spend time together.

We are great friends. We are so lucky. And we are family. He is the greatest person and one of my best friends in the world. So I’m not accusing anyone that they are interested in his life, because he’s impressive

― was scattered in compliments friend Laura, noting that his appearance in public always tease fans and make them curious to follow his personal life.

After a Frank flirting with the star joint of the film “a Star is born” Lady Gaga at the Oscars and fuelling interest in their potential relationship, Cooper, to the surprise of the fans, and remained a bachelor. After breaking up with Irina Shayk, whom Cooper lived for four years and has a daughter, the actor is being attributed a very strange novels and not finding confirmation.

Well, we can not exclude the fact that Laura Dern and other possible passion Bradley will not be alive to be seen with in public because of fears that the restless Russian fans thrown in the name of hype Cheick arrange a flash mob with the recipes of borscht and sale of garages is not in Gaga’s Instagram, and in them.