Lawmakers from Washington accused of terrorism: he compared it to impeach trump

Republican lawmakers in Washington called on to resign a fellow party member Matt Shea. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Законодателя из Вашингтона обвинили в терроризме: он сравнил это с импичментом Трампа

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The reason was the investigation showed that Shi was involved in terrorist attacks against the United States of America.

Shea, a member of the lower house of the legislature of the state of Washington in 2009, in 2014-2016 years was a leader of the “Patriotic movement”, which operated in the States of Nevada, Idaho and Oregon.

In 2014, he participated in the armed conflict in Nevada: the reason was the desire of local farmers to graze cattle on Federal lands.

In 2015, Shi took part in the conflict in Idaho, spoke in defense of the veteran who was ordered to hand over firearms.

In 2016, the members of the movement seized the main building of the reserve in Oregon, an armed confrontation with the authorities lasted 41 days, one person was killed.

According to the investigation, Shi incited to violence, threatened political opponents, and supported the training in weapons to confront the police.

Matt Shea has refused to resign, comparing the accusations with the impeachment against the President of the United States Donald Trump.