Lawyer stars and billionaires: who will protect trump from impeachment

In the US, announced the names of the lawyers who will defend the President of the United States Donald trump on the process of impeachment in the Senate. Among them are former spectaculary in the impeachment of bill Clinton, Ken Starr and Robert ray, as well as the famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who represented several controversial celebrities. About it writes BBC.

Адвокат звезд и миллиардеров: кто будет защищать Трампа от импичмента

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Will lead the defence lawyer of the White house Pet Cipollone and personal attorney trump J. Sekulow. According to media reports, also joining them will be former attorney General of Florida pam Bondi.

The first hearings on the impeachment trump will be held in late January. The Senate will have to decide whether there will be a trump power or will be removed.

Experts expect that the senators will meet the President — his party a majority in the upper chamber of Congress.

Who is Alan Dershowitz?

Dershowitz is one of the most famous and controversial of American lawyers.

Among his latest clients — a Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein, accused of sexual assault dozens of women.

Dershowitz also defended boxer Mike Tyson for rape and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of pedophilia.

Dershowitz himself has also been accused of pedophilia Virginia Giuffrè, which is known for the same accusation against the British Prince Andrew.

And Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew categorically denied a sexual relationship with Giuffrè.

Dershowitz has also advised the defense of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

However, the most famous process in the practice of the lawyer is involved in the protection of O. J. Simpson — American football player, accused of murdering his ex-wife. Simpson was acquitted.

Dershowitz and the tramp

In the elections of 2016, the lawyer voted for Hillary Clinton, but soon began to actively protect trump.

He even wrote a book “Arguments against impeachment trump”.

“I agreed to imagine trump as an independent constitutional expert, said Dershowitz. — I have no position on policy — only under the Constitution”.

The lawyer added that the dismissal of a trump, if it happens, it may weaken the institution of the presidency and transform the process of impeachment into a tool of political struggle.

The President appreciated the active position of Dershowitz and invited him to the Hanukkah celebration at the White house in December 2019.