Lazebnaya promises to carry out the indexation of pensions once a year

The head of the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine Marina Lazebnaya discussed with the International monetary Fund mission in Ukraine to reform the pension system.

Лазебная обещает проводить индексацию пенсий раз в год

So, Ukraine plans to index pensions annually on March 1, reports Hvylya, citing the government portal.

Marina Lazebnaya stressed the need with the 2021 legislation to establish March 1 as the date for the annual indexation of pensions.

According to her, this will ensure proper forecasting of requirements for pension plans.

In turn, the pension expert of the IMF mission to Shaba fehér said that the allegation that the IMF is opposed to the introduction of a funded pension system in Ukraine is false and untrue.

The IMF supports the introduction of funded pension systems, we need to ensure that the necessary conditions will be created in order to reform was really implemented, were effective and not curled up after a certain time.

In this regard, discussed the requirements of legalization of employment and deshadowization of wages to ensure the financial stability of the PAYG pension system.

In addition, we discussed the implemented steps in the reform part of the monthly compensation payments for pensioners aged 80+.

Also plans to extend their in 2021 and the introduction of a monthly compensation payment for pensioners aged 75 to 80 years.

Separately discussed the proposals by the Ministry of social policy to replace the mechanism of compensation by employers to the Pension Fund for payment of old age pensions on preferential terms.