Le Havre and Bordeaux praise the tramway

Le Havre and Bordeaux praise the tram


The mayors of Bordeaux and Le Havre, in France, encourage Quebec to acquire a tramway, of which they praise the merits, and testify that in their city, no one would want to go back. 

On the sidelines of the Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities, in the capital, Édouard Philippe, Mayor of Le Havre, and his counterpart from Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic, discussed the subject with Quebec's first elected official, Bruno Marchand. 

The mayor of Quebec must not deviate from his plan to provide Quebec with a tramway, confides to Journal Mr. Hurmic. “You have to be very determined saying: 'Wait until the work is finished, you'll see, you'll be the first to use it.' It's fast, it's convenient. It is a tool of modernity. »

In both cities, opponents have come forward. “When we made the decision to do the tram, there was probably a majority of the population of Le Havre who was against it, testifies Mr. Philippe. During the works, there were many people who were very against it. As soon as the work was completed, everyone realized the incredible interest there was in reconstituting a tram offer in a city. »

According to him, politicians must keep in mind that despite initial opposition, which he attributes to a minority, the population will adopt the tramway.

The Bordeaux tramway, which runs near the water mirror.

“Impressive” success

“I can tell you that no one in Le Havre, really no one, would ask me to go back today. The first line, there was a lot of opposition. The second line, listen to me carefully: nobody, nobody came to tell me: “It’s a bad idea, we shouldn’t do it”. It's very impressive as a success. »

The observation is the same in Bordeaux. The city in southwestern France has completed its tram network, which is the most extensive in the country. It is now busy improving it on the outskirts with high-level buses and improving the cycle network.

“Today in Bordeaux, no one, even among those who were the most grumpy, no one questions the tramway. I have never heard someone say: “The tram is useless, it was better before”. No question of going back. »

In Bordeaux as in Le Havre, we have also noted a significant increase in ridership in public transport. Bordeaux has also voluntarily restricted the place of the car in the city. For Pierre Hurmic, the tramway has made it possible to anticipate the climate challenge. Because it provides a carbon-free mode of transport, since it is fully electrified.

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