Leading agroholdings of Ukraine significantly lost the value of their shares

Leading Ukrainian agricultural company in the last week has lost much of the value of their shares.During the week the share price dropped by 6-20%.

Ведущие агрохолдинги Украины значительно потеряли на стоимости своих акций

About it reports “Agroportal” Recalling data monitoring Eavex Capital in the period of March 2-10.

For the period maximum shares dipped MHP, up 21.5%. Have fallen in price shares of Agroton 10.6%, the shares of the company “kernel”- 9.6%. According to the published data of Eavex Capital, the falling stock price of these companies goes back to the beginning of the year and shows more significant results: MHP — 31,9%, “kernel” of 22.8%, Agroton is 22.7%.

If we talk about the minimum cost reduction, the shares of “Astarte” for the week decreased by 6% since the beginning of the year by 16.3%.

There are those companies who were able to keep from falling. Shares of “Avangard” and IMC based on the performance of the Warsaw stock exchange, in the period March 2-10, was at the level of 12 PLN, up to 13 PLN 6 Mar.

At the same time, the shares of Ovostar on the Warsaw stock exchange for the week dipped by 4% (to 82 PLN), but with the beginning of the year rose by 10%.