League of American football ended in a mass brawl (video)

Матч высшей лиги по американскому футболу завершился массовой дракой (видео)

The match of the National football League (NFL) professional American football League in the United States between 6-multiple winners of the super bowl – “the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns”, held in Cleveland in the “first energy stadium” ended in a mass brawl.

8 seconds before the end of the match, the two arch rivals between the defenders of Cleveland and the attacking players, “Pittsburgh” began a hard fight that escalated into a mass brawl involving players.

In the episode of the collision, the away player ripped the helmet from his opponent and inflicted several powerful blows to the head.

The match ended with the victory of Cleveland with a score of 21:7 (7:0, 7:0, 0:7, 7:0).

It is reported that the NFL makes a decision on the punishment of the ringleaders.

Review mass brawl on the official website of the broadcaster of the NFL.