Learn, develop and have fun: line events for the weekend (10-12 April)

Any crisis creates not only problems, but also opens a lot of opportunities. You just need to be able to see them. Quarantine is not only boring sitting in the four walls, but also the possibility of smart English, to learn new skills or to raise their cultural level. We have collected all of these development opportunities from the comfort of your sofa, together — you only need to choose.

Учимся, развиваемся и развлекаемся: онлайн-мероприятия на выходные (10-12 апреля)

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So, we invite new Yorkers to take a course on the fundamentals of information security (he is now will be very useful, because the quarantine we sit on the Internet more than usual), or attend a fun and informative online class physics for aliens.

The people of Miami welcome to the library “Artifact” (more than 8 million books in 32 languages) and a course on financial literacy (it will be very useful in this difficult period).

In Los Angeles you should pay attention to the course of English for career (definitely will not be superfluous to U.S. residents), as well as online course promotion in Instagram (your account can get a good job).

In the San Francisco Bay Area can learn the course “project Management” (very useful knowledge) or go on a virtual journey to Stonehenge.

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IMPORTANT! Because of quarantine measures in connection with the coronavirus, some activities may be cancelled or postponed. Check the situation on the organizers ‘ websites.

In addition, interesting events for every day of the week you can find in our calendar. Come, learn and share with your friends. Before you visit, check on the website of the event details and venue as they can change.

Keep us up to date with what’s happening in your city. Send information about events for the Russian-speaking Diaspora in the mail ad@forumdaily.com.

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