Lecture on Russia and the Nightmare on 21st Street Party: How to Spend a Weekend in New York (October 29-31)

Lecture on Russia and the 'Nightmare on 21st Street' party: how to spend a weekend in New York (October 29-31)

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What: Interactive exhibition“ World Van Gogh “June 19, 1953

When: Friday-Sunday, October 29-31

Where: Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience NYC – Exhibit, 300 Vesey St. 3rd Floor, New York, 10282

Read more: Have you ever dreamed of getting into a painting? Take a breathtaking journey into the incomparable universe of Van Gogh – one of the greatest geniuses of 19th century art. Explore his life, work and secrets of the Master through cutting-edge digital projections, a unique virtual reality experience and a unique atmospheric light and sound show.

Visitors will discover a new way to enjoy the works of Vincent van Gogh, plunge into the artist's masterpieces with using a digital show. Guests will tour eight works and their sources of inspiration on A Day in the Life of an Artist in Arles, France through digital displays, sound effects and projection display.

Cost: $ 30

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What: Lecture “Cultural Wars in Russia”

When: Friday, October 29, from 6:00 pm

Where: Harriman Institute Atrium 420 W 118th St, 12th Floor New York, NY 10027

Read more: Join the lecture of the Russian writer, poet and journalist Dmitry Bykov.

Bykov believes that the cultural and political implications of this decade for Russia are already becoming obvious. Russia is facing global divisions, diversifications and divisions. The culture war has turned into hidden and local wars that will balance between cold and hot states.

“The cultural and political elites of Russia will remain fragmented, and there will be no more peace treaties or even negotiations between ambassadors of the future and defenders of the past. But the boundaries between new cultural (and political) groups are not so clear and predictable: old confrontations between liberals and conservatives, atheists and believers, rich and poor are becoming more and more irrelevant, “he said.

Cost: Free

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What: Screening of the Candyman movie

Lecture on Russia and the Nightmare on 21st Street Party: How to Spend a Weekend in New York (October 29-31)

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When: Friday, October 29, from 7:00 pm

Where: Industry City Courtyard 5/6 51 35th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232

Read more: Two young researchers from the University of Illinois, Helen Lyle and Bernadette Welch, study urban legends prevalent among students. Their particular attention is drawn to the story of Candyman. This is a maniac who appears if you say his name in front of a mirror five times – he rips up the stomach of his victims with an iron hook. The girls find out that a murder took place in one of the Negro neighborhoods of Chicago Cabrini Green, which is attributed to a maniac, and decide to go there to investigate this issue.

Cost: Free

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What: Nightmare on 21st Street Party

When: Friday, October 29, from 11:00 pm

Where: Taj II Lounge and Event Space 48 West 21st Street New York, NY 10010

Read more: Get your best outfit ready and come rock out in a non-childish way at this party. Here you will find tons of music, cocktails and eerie entertainment. By registering using the link, the entrance will be free. But don't forget to take proof of your COVID-19 vaccination with you.

Cost: From $ 0

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What: Flea market

< b> When: Saturday-Sunday, October 30-31

Where: 2 Noble St 2 Noble Street Brooklyn, NY 11222

< b> More details: Greenpoint Terminal Market is a waterfront flea market with great views of Manhattan. There are over 100 vendors selling everything from vintage and antiques to local art and design to a wide variety of international cuisine.

Cost: Free

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What: Gathering pumpkins

When: Saturday-Sunday, October 30-31

Where: Aviator Sports and Events Center 3159 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11234

More details: This is one of the most visited pumpkin harvesting locations in New York City. Here you can visit the farm zoo with very friendly animals, have fun in the hay field, collect some pumpkins and purchase some unique autumn decorations.

Cost: $ 12

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What: Discussion about modernism

When: Sunday, October 31, from 14 : 00

Where: Ukrainian Museum, 222 E 6th St, New York, NY 10003

Read more: Join the discussion about modernism with a new generation of scholars whose research and knowledge in this field is sure to offer fresh perspectives. The discussion will be attended by professors and Ukrainian scholars from various universities both in the United States and worldwide. And Miroslava Mudrak will present her new book “The Creative World of Georgy Narbut and the Formation of a Ukrainian Brand”.

Cost: Free

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