Legault must withdraw Proulx's candidacy, according to Anglade

Legault must withdraw Proulx's candidacy, according to Anglade


François Legault cannot keep ex-minister Marie-Ève ​​Proulx on his team of candidates, says Liberal leader Dominique Anglade, after the revelations of the Journal on a new allegation of psychological harassment.  

“It is a question of values, a question of principles. We are in 2022. This kind of behavior no longer has its place. And François Legault continues to tolerate this kind of behavior,” denounced Ms. Anglade on the sidelines of the announcement of the Liberal candidate in Ungava, Tunu Napartuk. 

Le Journal reported on Tuesday that a new complaint for psychological harassment was filed against Ms. Proulx at the Administrative Labor Tribunal for facts that occurred after she was dismissed from her position as minister. 

For Dominique Anglade, the chief caquist now has no choice but to dismiss Marie-Ève ​​Proulx, candidate for re-election in Côte-du-Sud. “It's the action I would take in his place,” said the Liberal leader. 

Other complaints against Ms. Proulx

Ms. Anglade had also dismissed MNA Marie Montpetit from her training after allegations of psychological harassment surfaced in the media. 

“All questions relating to harassment, we should have a zero tolerance policy on this. By agreeing to have candidates like these, François Legault endorses this and sends a very bad message to the population in general, but also to our youth,” says Ms. Anglade. 

Marie-Ève Proulx had already been the subject of a first complaint for psychological harassment before the TAT, which had been settled out of court in exchange for financial compensation paid by public funds. 

Previously, the Journal had revealed that 14 employees had left in less than two years, some of whom denounced a toxic climate, insults, harassment and intimidation.