Legault promises $100 million to parents of children with disabilities

Legault promises $100 million to parents of children with disabilities


SAINT-LAZARE | During a stop at the home of the CAQ candidate in Soulanges, Marilyne Picard, François Legault undertook to extend $100 million over four years to create 500 places in respite centers for minor or adult children in a situation of disability.  

A rather unusual event during an election campaign, the CAQ leader's caravan went to the residence of one of his candidates, who, in this case, is also Dylane's mother, a severely disabled 10-year-old child. 

This is, moreover, the whole meaning of the political commitment of Marilyne Picard, who was elected for the first time in 2018.

 Accompanied by the caquiste candidate of Taillon, outgoing minister and former neuropediatrician of Sainte-Justine, Lionel Carmant, François Legault was first treated to a meeting with little Dylane alongside her older brother Émile, who was taking care of she on the second floor of the fully adapted family home. Mrs. Picard took advantage of the moment to demonstrate to her boss all that is involved in preparing her daughter's luggage when she has to go to a respite home. 

40,000 children 

Visibly moved at the end of his visit, the CAQ leader recalled in a press briefing that nearly 40,000 families in Quebec are living a reality similar to that of Marilyne Picard. 

François Legault has promised, if Quebecers give him a second term, to invest 25 million per year for four years to add 500 new places in respite homes for disabled children of minor or adult age. The latter allow the children to receive specialized care outside their residence, allowing the family in the meantime to breathe during their stay.

“You see, it is necessary, it is essential. Because the families, then not just the parents, we see it, the brothers, the sisters, need help, insisted Mr. Legault. It's almost a gift of self when you have a child who is severely disabled. These are sacrifices on a normal life.”

CAQ candidate Marilyne Picard described the commitment made by her boss in front of her home as a “great victory” on a personal level. 

families of severely disabled children, she testified. I know there are a lot of people who are going to be very happy with this commitment today.”

A tip for Duhaime 

The CAQ leader still took the opportunity to shoot an arrow at the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec by recalling how much the majority of Quebecers showed solidarity during the pandemic. 

“I think that it is an important issue in the election campaign. There is a party, that of Éric Duhaime, not to name it, which would like a society that is more every man for himself. And I really don't think that's the kind of society we want,” said Mr. Legault. 

“For me, mutual aid is This is the kind of society we want, not an every man for himself society. Then, I think that leaders have a responsibility to encourage this mutual aid, not to encourage everyone for themselves,” he added.

In addition, later in the day, François Legault has also committed to investing $65 million in the production of 100 hours of Quebec content per year, intended for children aged 3 to 12, which would be broadcast on the Télé-Québec digital platform. This was his first commitment to election campaign culture, unveiled after a meeting with students from a private college in Châteauguay.