Legault would no longer call GND a “woke”

Legault would no longer refer to GND as «woke


DRUMMONDVILLE – CAQ leader François Legault does not intend to join Conservative leaders Pierre Poilievre and Éric Duhaime in fighting the “wokes”, so much so that he regrets having already called Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois a the type.

In his speech to whip his troops, during a first major militant rally in Drummondville, the spokesperson for Quebec solidaire was however the only target of François Legault. “Mr. Nadeau-Dubois: the one who taxes faster than his shadow,” launched the CAQ leader. 

Later in a press briefing, François Legault went there with a mea culpa, while journalists questioned him about the victory of Pierre Poilievre as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CCP). 

While Mr. Poilievre pledged in his victory speech to liberate the country from a “centralizing government and woke in Ottawa” – words that the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, was quick to say to take on his own – François Legault has carefully avoided taking the same path. 

“I can be impulsive sometimes”

Instead, he returned to an exchange at the Salon bleu, which occurred a year ago almost to the day, during which Mr. Nadeau-Dubois had compared him to Maurice Duplessis. 

“Maurice Duplessis , he had many faults, but he was defending his nation. He was not a woke like the head of Quebec solidaire, “said Mr. Legault. 

“In the heat of the moment, I can be impulsive. I shouldn't have done that, ”regretted the chief caquiste, Sunday. 

“You remember when I used the word woke with Mr. Nadeau-Dubois, who had called me another name… If I had to do it again, I wouldn't do it again”, wanted to amend Mr. Legault. 

“So I don't intend to continue on the definition and then the place of wokism”, added the chief caquiste. 

Shy reaction

The leader of the CAQ reacted quite timidly to Mr. Poilievre's victory, without saying whether he would support the CPC again as he did in the last federal election. 

“I have never met Mr. Poilievre, commented Mr. Legault, who says he does not know him. If I am elected on October 3, then regardless of who the leaders of the federal parties will be, I will continue to defend the interests of Quebec and Quebeckers.  

LNG Quebec: “non-negotiable”

“I will defend the interests of Quebecers and, among other things, what I want is that Quebec obtain more powers. Among other things in terms of identity, in matters of immigration, since the federal government also respects Quebec's areas of jurisdiction such as health, “insisted Mr. Legault. 

As for the project of GNL Quebec, which Mr. Poilievre would like to see materialize in the Saguenay, François Legault confirmed that it was “non-negotiable”. 

“The file is closed”, reiterated the chief of the CAQ, who said no to the project due to the lack of social acceptability.