Legault's refusal to reveal the documents: GND doubts that a study supports the 3rd link

Legault's refusal to release documents: GND doubts study supports 3rd link


Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois doubts that the Legault government has studies that show the need for a third link between Quebec and Lévis.  

“I think that if François Legault had a study which shows that his project is excellent, he would reveal it”, launched the spokesperson for Québec solidaire Monday evening.  

He criticizes the Prime Minister of the CAQ for his refusal to reveal the studies justifying the highway tunnel project between Quebec and Lévis.  

“It is a complete lack of transparency. Frankly, it's also a lack of respect for the people of the Quebec region who want to know what this project is based on… we don't know how many billions of dollars. And it is also a lack of respect for all taxpayers. I mean, it's billions of dollars. This money does not just come from the world of Lévis. This is money that comes from the tax bills of all Quebecers, all Quebec women.”  

Montrealers and the 3rd link < /p>

The day before, François Legault had attacked Montrealers who oppose the third link, during an interview with Radio-Canada. “The people of Montreal must stop looking down on the people of Quebec and then Lévis,” he said.  

The chief caquist ensures that the studies must be updated before being made public, due to the changes in habits caused by teleworking.  

“I think we have once again demonstrated how arrogant François Legault is with people who don't think like him,” said Mr. Nadeau-Dubois.  

He points out that well-known citizens of Quebec, such as former mayor Régis Labeaume and current mayor Bruno Marchand, have expressed doubts about the need for a third link.

Legault back 

“As soon as the data is available, we will make it public,” François Legault reiterated on Monday, when questioned about his statements the day before when he was doing campaign in the Outaouais.

“We don't refuse to show studies, defended the CAQ leader. The studies that were done before the pandemic must be reviewed and when they are completed, they will be made public,” he assured. 

To Montrealers who are “looking down on” those who believe in the need for a 3rd link, “go talk to the people of Lévis, they know about the congestion on the two bridges and they know that we need a 3rd link”, suggested the head of the CAQ. 

– With the collaboration of Marc-André Gagnon, Parliamentary Office