Lehouillier hopes for at least one minister on the South Shore

Lehouillier hopes for at least one minister on the South Shore


The mayor of Lévis, Gilles Lehouillier, hopes that the election of Caquist “sizes” will finally give Chaudière-Appalaches a voice at the Cabinet table, in addition to accelerating the realization of the third link.

Tuesday, Gilles Lehouillier hailed the election of former journalists Bernard Drainville, in Lévis, and Martine Biron, in Chutes-de-la-Chaudière. He notes that the CAQ was victorious “from edge to edge in Chaudière-Appalaches”.

“It is certain that we in Lévis, I think that this has just sent a very strong signal that the government went for big names who are able to take on great responsibilities”, he analyzes.

“I am convinced that in Chaudière-Appalaches we will finally have one, and who knows maybe two or three ministers. I'm confident because honestly, it may have been a little lacking in the last term,” he said, when there were none in the region.

If one of them was appointed Minister of Transport, it would be “the total”, he says.

Third link

Because, in his opinion, the other signal in the election results is support for the Quebec-Lévis tunnel project “which is undeniable”, and this, on both sides of the river.

“If you add up the votes of the CAQ and the Conservative Party, which were both in favor of a third link between car and public transport, listen carefully, there are two out of three citizens, it is not not complicated, who are in favor of the project, ”he calculates.

Recall that, in Jean-Lesage, where this tunnel would come out in Quebec, the voters re-elected Sol Zanetti, who is strongly opposite.

“Clear verdict”

Never mind, Gilles Lehouillier hopes that this election will mark the end of the procrastination in the file. He wants a first – real – shovel in the ground in the next four years and he continues to support the latest version, because of the rapid connection between city centers by public transport.

“[The CAQ has] a very clear verdict for the second time in a row […] to achieve it and we hope that this time will be the right one.”

He also expects listening carefully to the demands made during the campaign by his administration, particularly concerning investments in sports, cultural and quality-of-life equipment.

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