Lemons rose by 39%, buckwheat — by 21%. The NBU has reported a sharp increase in food prices

In March occurred the rising prices of individual goods. Just a few weeks from 27 March to 2 April meat increased in price by 3.2%, buckwheat — by 21%, paper 9%, garlic — by 23.2%, lemons — by 39.1%, onion — by 37.8% and medicines for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases rose in price almost on 1%.

Лимоны подорожали на 39%, гречка — на 21%. НБУ сообщил о резком росте цен на продукты

This is stated in the report of the consumer price of the NBU.

“The price increase of certain goods in March was caused by several factors. First, the excessive demand. Secondly, the restriction proposal due to the introduction of quarantine measures and closure of food markets. Also, there was some weakening of the hryvnia,” — said in the financial institution.

Bread for the period from March 27 to April 2 rose 4.2%, flour became more expensive by 12.1%, fish — by 3.2%, milk — by 2.7%, cheese — by 1.5%, vegetable oil — by 2.5%, copper — by 2.2%.

The report says that prices for food products according to operational data in the future are growing, however, over the last week the growth rate has decreased. “The growth of prices for services is constrained by demand. In particular, in the last days almost stopped the growth of prices for the delivery of catering establishments”, — noted in the NBU.

The largest growth rates continue to rise in price of borsch set vegetables, cereals (especially buckwheat) and citrus.

So, buckwheat groats a few weeks have increased in price 21%, and lemons and oranges became more expensive by 39.1% and 14.6%, respectively. Vegetables borsch set in total has increased in price by 15.6%, cabbage rose by 25.4%, onion — by 37.8%, beet — by 19.7%, carrots — by 20.8%, potatoes — by 9.6% and garlic by 23.2%.

Also there was a growth of prices for medicines, the report explained that the pressure of demand and the weakening of the hryvnia.

The price of fuel over the past month fell, it happened under the influence of falling international prices for the excess supply and falling demand, the national Bank noted.

All photos: skinshoty presentation bank.gov.ua