Leonids on the way in November, Ukrainians will be able to see the incredible space shows

Леониды на подходе: в ноябре украинцы смогут увидеть невероятное космическое шоу

The earth is the meteor shower the Leonids is one of the most beautiful astronomical phenomena. Its peak Ukrainians will see 16-17 Nov. We will remind, in the night from 21 to 22 October, the inhabitants of the Earth could enjoy the meteor shower the orionids.

Experts have warned that this year is too strong of a meteor shower can be expected.

The Leonids meteor shower can be observed every year in mid-November — 15-20 numbers. That’s when the Earth passes through a meteor shower, whose particles flare up in the atmosphere. This natural phenomenon can be seen with the naked human eye.

Latest powerful meteor shower of the Leonids was in 1966. Then in an hour you could see up to 150 shooting stars.

It is best to watch the shooting stars before dawn. Look at this need to the East. The Leonids will appear in series. The fastest and largest meteors will glow yellow and orange, shallow green.

The nearest super abundant meteor showers can be observed only in 2034.

And this year you will see another meteor shower — the Geminids. It will have a peak on 4-17 December.

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