Lessard-Therrien worried to see a former mining lobbyist succeed him

Lessard-Therrien concerned to see a former mining lobbyist succeed him


Defeat in the riding of Rouyn-Noranda Témiscamingue, solidary Emilise Lessard-Therrien is concerned about the majority presence of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) in her region and particularly the appointment of a former mining lobbyist instead. 

“It is difficult to understand how it could have taken such a turn, at the same time when we look at the scale of Quebec what happened, it is a tidal wave caquiste unfortunately”, a-t -she confessed from the outset at the microphone of Antoine Robitaille at QUB radio, Thursday.

The former solidarity MP assured that she nevertheless felt a lot of anger at the CAQ mandate of the past four years , in particular on the files of the Horne Foundry and the health network which is collapsing in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

According to her, the vote of the other parties would have collapsed and would have gone to the CAQ, allowing the election of Daniel Bernard with 45.16% of the vote, against 30.94% for Ms. Lessard-Therrien.

The elected defeat expressed particular concern about the return of Mr. Bernard, a former mining lobbyist.

“I find that a little worrying because Daniel Bernard was a deputy for the Liberal Party of Quebec for eight years, it was under his first mandate that the first standard of the Horne Foundry was negotiated, under his mandate in 2011 that the Quebec standard for arsenic was decreed at three nanograms, “said she said.

“We will judge the tree by its fruits, but I am not thrilled that the whole of Abitibi-Témiscamingue has just switched to the side of the Coalition avenir Québec and I deeply believe in democracy where oppositions have a place,” he added. she added.