Lesya Nikityuk admitted, what kind of man she sees

Lesya Nikityuk keeps privacy in the strictest confidence. Leading is not telling about his novels, but recognize that he wants a strong and happy family, however, is to find the failed. And while Lady Le with the head immersed in the work – in a recent broadcast of the New channel came out its new travel show “Le Bus”. She decided to share the revelations and tell. How she sees the man next, and also mentioned his great disadvantage.

Леся Никитюк призналась, какого мужчину видит рядом

So, Lady Le doesn’t like greedy men. But to the rational, on the contrary, to be treated with sympathy.

“There are rational men, and there are the goons. First — well done. A man looks at the check and pays attention to how much money is spent. He is attentive to costs — this is normal. The redneck always has no money, he constantly forgets wallet, and he did with the cards does not go away. I immediately see redneck. With such a man just couldn’t be there,” she says.

Leading she says she’s absolutely not materialistic person and never will be with wealthy men for gifts and financial benefits. It more like a promising young man, whom she is ready to support your endeavors in every way to assist him.

“I’m not materialistic, never carried money. Seriously. Will not go on a date with a rich man for the gifts. I like talented players. Think it is important to assess the potential of men before you fall in love. What’s his grasp of education whether he is ready to move on?” says Les.

She also called the mandatory qualities that looks for in a man. “I immediately notice the weaknesses of the guys. A man can only be the start of a career, I am ready to help him. Instead, I want to his honesty, decency. And no Affairs with other women,” he listed telediva.

Lady Le let slip about your main disadvantage. Les hot – tempered and impulsive person, it is difficult to curb emotions.

“You know what my main weakness? Emotions. They can do show in my head, just “Santa Barbara”, easily able to turn off the rational part of me. During an emotional outburst, not able to objectively assess the situation, can hurt a person. Then I do not what to apologize, I can not forgive. All my bad decisions, wrong decisions and wrong words were on the emotions,” confessed the leader.

She must learn to control themselves. “Now learn to control yourself — having trouble breathing, not to call anybody, not to write, when I feel that “boil”. A little work…” — she boasted.