Lesya Nikityuk amused another “sketch”

Lesya Nikityuk continues to enjoy his well-deserved mini-vacation in Egypt. Note that according to the presenter, Egypt — continuing the celebration of her birthday party which took place on October 19. Ex-leading “eagle and Tails” turned 32! After the birthday celebration nikitiuk had also to present a new photo about travel in Ukraine “LeМаршрутка” to “New channel”. Then with a “quiet soul” and you can relax.

Леся Никитюк повеселила очередной «зарисовкой»

Of course, Nikityuk not refuse to itself pleasure to post from Egypt a lot of photos and videos. After the “fashion updates” followed by humorous posts.

Nikitiuk funny beat several endemic instagram trends: photos of food, and “creating visibility” exceptionally healthy and proper nutrition. In “mini-scenes” nikitiuk first removes the video, healthy Breakfast cereal, dried fruit and dates. And then when stories filmed, takes a plate, with a mountain filled with more delicious but less healthy food.

“Hto so Robin?” — says fans of Les

Video: instagram.com/lesia_nikituk

Fans Nikityuk came to the delight of a delicate sense of humor and self-irony of his favorites. And hastened to cover it with enthusiastic comments:

  • “Ahah, pretty woman”
  • “I am from the second option, I still don’t believe first)”
  • “Les Leschka, the pace is not VLSIs have parade of Platte)”
  • “Yak always dotana”
  • “Les, you are superb”
  • “Sire, neimovirna”
  • “Ate the first dish, then second and third))”