Lesya Nikityuk amused fans of video about nutrition

Леся Никитюк насмешила поклонников роликом о правильном питании

One of the most exciting and charismatic representatives of modern Ukrainian TV-entertainment industry, Lesya Nikityuk has published another funny videoshader. As you know, the media personality is on holiday in Egypt, where happy followers of the solar posts.

So, the celebrity has shared a video, which acted as a typical instabuy, which makes a photo of his Breakfast, and then puts a shot into the net, hoping to get millions of likes.

Then, after shooting, she replaced the plate with “useful” on the plate “delicious.” Note that for Breakfast in one of the most famous resorts located on the coast of the red sea, Legile opted for a bright outfit with an open neckline and floral print. Eyes she hid behind stylish sunglasses.

In the caption to VideoDrawing she asked followers, who else did also, and got a lot of interesting answers to your question. Among the first commentators was spotted TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk and singer Robbie Williams:

Леся Никитюк насмешила поклонников роликом о правильном питании

Recall that Lesya Nikityuk belongs to the category stars with a sense of self-irony. During the television she often talks about how difficult it is given the popularity and career. She calls herself a “people’s star” and not just talked about what came on TV without connections and acquaintances. First nikitiuk worked on the post of administrator in one of the famous television projects, and then by accident got into the travel show “heads and tails”, which began its ascent in show-business ladder.