Lesya Nikityuk and Catherine Kuchar called for a fun party

Lesya Nikityuk all the time – she constantly acted in the popular entertainment, attending social events and presentations and do not forget about travel. By the way, quite often leading combines a business trip with a pleasant pastime in another country.

Леся Никитюк и Екатерина Кухар посетили веселую вечеринку

That’s what happened this time — the media personality in the company of mother Catherine Petrovna went to Prague on a large-scale presentation of a new product of one of the automakers. Les shared a sexy photo in short dress and boots on the page in Instagram.

Les emblazoned on the hood of a car in the dairy mini dress smell with an asymmetrical cut and a large inscription on the hem of the Dress. She complements the image of a black leather botfortas, and as decoration rather massive gold chain.

Subscribers Lady Le hastened to bestow her with compliments. The first thing that caught my eye was the long slender legs leading.

Леся Никитюк и Екатерина Кухар посетили веселую вечеринку

  • Les, you’re just super
  • Sexy
  • Krasna
  • What are the legs!
  • Les – beautiful
  • Commercial shooting feet the Gods made
  • Les, so cool, so gorgeous!
  • Les, you are fire
  • Yak ti harnyunya
  • Yak I always… gorgeous!

Леся Никитюк и Екатерина Кухар посетили веселую вечеринку

By the way, the host called for a social event and after-party, where to have fun together with the Ukrainian prima ballerina and judge of Dancing with the stars 2019 Kateryna Kuhar and her husband Alexander Stoyanov. Shots from party star shared in stories. Ballerina naryadilas in original dress with a deep neckline and bodice that are adorned with flowers rhinestone transparent and voluminous tulle skirt. photo She complements the image of the massive boots.

They had a lot of fun under the cult hit Dr. Alban — It’s My Life. The next day after the party Lady Le went for a walk through the old part of the city.