Lesya Nikityuk called the 5 problems that would be eliminated first and foremost at the post of “Minister of tourism of Ukraine”

TV presenter Les nikitiuk finally launched the long awaited project about travelling in Ukraine — “LeМаршрутка” to “New channel” that viewers will see on November 4.

Леся Никитюк назвала 5 проблем, которые бы устранила в первую очередь на посту «Министра туризма Украины»

Along with the normal bus driver Les will go to the most remote corners of Ukraine, to prove to the Ukrainians, our country can easily conquer the “world tourism”. However, on the way the Ukrainians will have to overcome a lot of problems. And it’s not just “dead” road. During the presentation of the new project (which, incidentally, was visited by the mother of Lesya Ekaterina Petrovna) Nikityuk told journalists LITE/ RBC-Ukraine, what problems stand in the way of development of tourism of Ukraine.

Lesya Nikityuk called 5 reforms being implemented in the post “Minister of tourism of Ukraine”

Lesya Nikityuk: Ukraine could blow up the world with their discoveries

Les responded to the question, for the solution of any of the top 5 problems it would be the first thing.

“First, the roads to all tourist places. Secondly, you need to complete and lots of new museums to historical content of our Ukrainian heritage.

Third, you need to restore the entire not only infrastructure, but also to restore all the tourist places, to which people can not get; which is not even on the map. To restore the Ukrainian heritage in General, places that tourists can visit from other countries. You must also help them to see these places on the maps in those programs that we, in fact, removed. We even planned to make a video with English subtitles on the YouTube channel, so all the tourists could know and could see all the cool places that are in our land,” says Lesya Nikityuk.

Don’t forget “Lady lay” is about the archaeological site.

“It is also necessary to continue the excavations, to Fund this area. Archaeology needs to recover and to Finance it. To Ukraine just blew up the world with their discoveries. We were in so many places, where the foot has something, but nobody knows what. Regular people just according to their own desire to control these areas, helping to ensure that they are not looted and not built up. For example, in one of these interesting places, where we were, and reserve Stone grave in the Donetsk region. It’s a place where you go and under my feet there’s something. And no one knows that. And the people who are there, they told us many interesting stories. And they dream to have some funding, got there the archaeologists and discovered there is something new,” explains nikitiuk.

We have very cool people!

“In our country a very cool young and very cool people! And we tried to show Ukraine is through the people. Through these hard workers. Show their soul! It is our people possess some such extraordinary mentality… No money, not having rebuilt the Church (because in some places there are houses which are churches), our men just doing the extraordinary climate. They do not complain, do not cry, do not suffer. They amuse the fact that they have children, parents, health. And they freak potatoes or watermelons, for example, in Kherson region,” — summed up the presenter.