Lesya Nikityuk: Classmates called me a giraffe and a MOP, for which I am now grateful.

Леся Никитюк: Одноклассники называли меня жирафом и шваброй, за что я им теперь благодарна...

On the “New channel” has started author show Lesya Nikityuk “Le Bus”. The famous traveler, who recently amused by a network of funny photos from Prague, this time went to a long trip to his native country, showing to the audience the unusual and interesting places in Ukraine. Specifically for the project was acquired minibus “Bogdan”, which inside is fully converted, adding things and gifts that she brought from travels to different countries.

“We could make a career as a singer, but as long as I have something to do”

— In the autumn season at the “New channel” was released four projects with your participation. Like all the time?!

All last year I spent on the set and promised myself that this year I will rest at least six months. But it did not. Producers suggested another Studio show — “star Shalena,” and I could not refuse. Actually, it was a challenge for me, something new. Besides, summer and fall we shot eight episodes of the travel show “Le Bus”, which show Ukraine through its people.

Like all the time? I don’t know. Possible to work at a pace not quite right. However, I have enough time not only to work hard but to see my family. The love of family gives the strength to go on. Mom, dad, brother, two nieces — is sacred to me. Try to give them all the free time. You know, it often happens that I sit at seven in the morning behind the wheel, take it for Navigator Rafiq (dog Lesi. — Ed.) and food 300 miles to see loved ones.

— Speaking of the roads. You again went into travel. Not bothered to travel?

You what?! I hope the reason I can never get bored. During the filming of “Le Bus” it turned out that I do not know much about Ukraine. Yes, almost anything! Could I imagine that near Kiev aircraft makes the aircraft on which I flew to Australia? And in the Odessa region is the largest colony of pelicans in Europe? We think that the coolest place somewhere far away. As it turns out, a lot of interesting things around us.

— The project “Le Bus” you recorded the soundtrack — you sang a song in the Studio under the guidance of Ruslan QUINTA. When to expect a full album?

— Only nine songs (laughs). A song we wrote with Tania Reshetnyak and Alena Omargalieva. They offered different options of good lines, but the chorus was not my style. To append text helped the Ukrainian roads. I sat behind the wheel, hop ukhabina. And it turned out the chorus: “S on the roads, Yami…”

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It’s not your first time singing in programs — in the “Kiev src”, now “Le Bus”. Never thought to seriously pursue singing?

— While singing lessons are not engaged, cope on their own. I in the childhood did not attend music school, but I have all these songs, dances, poems, apparently in blood. My mom plays the accordion, we with it when-that acted at the matinees. I love to sing in karaoke with friends.

Do I have talent? Maybe a piece and got lucky. Because the rumor is. Never went, did not check how many octaves I have, but to hold a note can seriously (laughs). I think I would be able to make a career as a singer, but as long as I have something to do. If in some moment someone will knock on the door and say, “Les, let’s sing, we are ready to work with you”, of course, will not refuse.

“I spent nine years engaged in swimming, becoming a master of sports”

— And what project would you never agreed to?

On the show “the Bachelor.” Even if I was single, and I had 30 men, gave them not a flower, and a pencil or pen. Wouldn’t want that. On this project very deeply reveals the essence of man, which he is in a relationship. Many people immediately begin to discuss it, grind.

Each project bring a large share of criticism. Negative statements I’ve learned to accept calmly, but then the criticism involves matters of the heart. You’re like every man and take off their underpants and sit on the toilet. This is probably the most complex show. To be leading “the Bachelor” may have agreed. But a party never.

— You called one of the most beautiful Ukrainian broadcasters. What you were as a child?

— I was not particularly attractive at school. Up to a certain age prefer sneakers, pants, sneakers. Dresses never worn. I wasn’t graceful, feminine clothes. Wearing a skirt for the first time in 25 years. Adolescence was so battered! Only five years ago started to feel more feminine.

And with classmates like relationship in school?

Somewhere from the seventh to the ninth grade I had a really hard time because of the growth. I was the tallest girl in the class, even higher than boys. As soon as I was called giraffe, MOP, pod. I cried, just couldn’t sleep at night. But now very grateful to my classmates, their terrible attitude helped me to achieve what I have now.

— Was an exemplary student?

In elementary school to straight a’s. But when we moved in fifth grade, my teacher put a ” b ” in the Ukrainian language. I’ve been offended. It was very sad for this rating because I tried so hard. Then moved to another school. We had sports class, heavy routine. At seven in the morning training session at 10:20 in school, then another training. Came home about ten o’clock in the evening and taught lessons.

My favorite subject was biology. And the most unloved — algebra and geometry. There is no creativity in these legs and hypotenuse. But thanks to Galina Kazimirovna, which trained us in the classroom, I had an ” a “in geometry and” b ” in algebra.

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You’re a master of sports in swimming.

Since childhood, I took different circles. But the dancing did not find a partner whose height would match my. With the gymnastics, too, did not work, I was too tall for this sport. Lessons singing didn’t have the money. Invited to try athletics. But mom said, “No, it’s better for you to run, not you.” Then I went for a swim. Nine years in becoming a master of sports.

“During an emotional outburst, can easily offend people”

You have beautiful outfits in the show.

— All this my personal brand — #Amasya (laughs). At night I on the machine, of course, not scribbling, but every outfit I sew for me individually. It’s easier than buying stuff. Since the budget allotted for the creation of images, we have a small, I can’t afford to Shine in the program at D&G or Prada. I have the same issues 60 different shows a year. Together with my stylist and friend of Yuri, we have found a solution to the problem: to look good, to sew. Make up images, look at new trends. That expensive, do a lot cheaper.

— That is you are saving. And what do you think about attractive men?

You know, there’s rational men, and there are the goons. First — well done. A man looks at the check and pays attention to how much money is spent. He is attentive to costs — this is normal. The redneck always has no money, he constantly forgets wallet, and he did with the cards does not go away. I immediately see redneck. With such a man just couldn’t be there.

— What would be your choice?

I am not materialistic, never carried money. Seriously. Will not go on a date with a rich man for the gifts. I like talented players. Think it is important to assess the potential of men before you fall in love. What’s his grasp of education whether he is ready to move on? I immediately notice the weaknesses of the guys. A man can only be the start of a career, I am ready to help him. Instead, I want to his honesty, decency. And no shenanigans with other women.

— Actually, not so many requirements.

Know what my main weakness? Emotions. They can do show in my head, just “Santa Barbara”, easily able to turn off the rational part of me. During an emotional outburst, not able to objectively assess the situation, can hurt a person. Then I do not what to apologize, I can not forgive. All my bad decisions, wrong decisions, and wrong words was emotional. Now learn to control yourself — having trouble breathing, not to call anybody, not to write, when I feel that “boil”. A little work…

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