Lesya Nikityuk excited fans spicy photos

Lesya Nikityuk decided on a very spicy photos! Ukrainian TV presenter, of course, do not mind to show their images in bathing suits. And yet nikitiuk difficult to attribute to the constellation of “the Frank” Ukrainian stars. It’s funny that earlier Nastya Kamensky explained why became less shows racy photos!

Леся Никитюк взбудоражила поклонников пикантным фото

And here, fans of Lesya finally came from her “sweet spice”. On his page in the network instagram, the TV presenter has published a really tempting photo. In the frame we see only the lush cleavage of the presenter. And… blueberries!

The fact that his new post Nikityuk was accompanied by a funny signature, again demonstrating a fine sense of humor. Nikitiuk issued signature style spam mails, which can often be found from scams in the comments of public figures — when the promise of high earnings.

“Luda, I now have toddlers blueberries are harvested and earn 60 tons a week! Do not complain, I even from a smartphone gather, there is nothing difficult, the main thing that you have! If you have a desire to take a look at my page,” writes nikitiuk.

Леся Никитюк взбудоражила поклонников пикантным фото

Frame nikitiuk accompanied and geo-tagged, indicating that the picture was taken in the Zhytomyr region. At the moment the leading travels to Ukraine with the filming of a new program about travel.

But fans of Les literally showered her with enthusiastic reviews. And by the way, a lot of comments relate specifically to the sense of humor nikitiuk.

  • “Les, great sense of humor”
  • “LES, YOU’RE PRETTY! Your sense of humor — it is something!!! Standing ovation!”
  • “Obonyo Vashi tank garti”
  • “Baby well Packed”
  • “With such potential”
  • “Seen zrazy — agodi SPL”
  • “Super!!! Cool banter. Zadolbali those earning the babies”
  • “Les,I’m obonyo! Humor on top”
  • “Good little girl. Twins, Yes?”
  • “Good berries”
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