Lesya Nikityuk “French” conveyed greetings from Paris

Lesya Nikityuk decided to stay for some time in Paris. Ukrainian TV presenter showed off his vivid trip to Europe yesterday, 2 Oct.

Леся Никитюк "по-французски" передала привет из Парижа

As it became known later, in Paris after the fashion Week was also held and a fashion show by Ukrainian designer Andre tan. Among the star guests of the show were nikitiuk and Katya Osadchaya and Olya Polyakova. By the way, Polyakov has already shown a series of spectacular Parisian outfits. Nikitiuk also not far behind!

In a new photo she decided to clearly convey to all your subscribers (which is already more than 3 million users) regards. And made it very “French”.

On the new photo Les posing with a glass of white wine in hand. On the background — the Eiffel tower. While nikitiuk dressed very stylishly in all black. Black trousers in leather look, top, jacket. The jacket is launched off one shoulder.

“Bonjour)” — briefly signed photo Les.

Леся Никитюк "по-французски" передала привет из Парижа

Interestingly, prior to this nikitiuk also posed a completely black image. And also in the original dress, resembling a jacket, lowered on one shoulder. Then the fans Lesi admired the length and slenderness of the legs of your cat.

Леся Никитюк "по-французски" передала привет из Парижа

A new photo has also caused considerable delight fans of Lacy, who hastened to leave your comments:

  • “Perfect led”
  • “You really look like Monroe, like two sisters”
  • “Garnier panyanka”
  • “Charming Les, welcome”
  • “La, Miss”
  • “Prot turbo-rocket”
  • “I love You”
  • “Oh, and Les !) Oh, and beautiful !)”