Lesya Nikityuk has published a photo report about eventful trip to Prague

Lesya Nikityuk pleasantly delighted and surprised by its activity. Ukrainian TV presenter was already filmed in new software releases “Hto against blondes” to “New channel” (by the way, new releases will have in 2020), as announced to fans on a new ride.

Леся Никитюк опубликовала фотоотчет о насыщенной поездке в Прагу

Blogger bombarded fans with a video in the section “instagram of stories”. As it turned out, Les flew to Prague. And not only so, but on a business trip. One of the brands of the brands invited nikitiuk on a large-scale presentation of a new product.

A trip nikitiuk went not herself, and his mother Yekaterina Petrovna.

“I want to wait to even hold hands… I already Have two grandchildren from my son. And from Lesi want… not more than two, otherwise it will be difficult for her (laughs). If you can, will certainly help. A little pumped up health, but nothing — I keep it in. Will, everyone has their own Sunday,” said Catherine.

Леся Никитюк опубликовала фотоотчет о насыщенной поездке в Прагу

Moreover, this trip also left its mark on star ballet couple — Catherine Kuchar and Alexander Stoyanov. The pair attended the presentation, which was nikitiuk with my mom.

The very same Les, of course, hastened to make a series of videos with mom and Catherine Kuchar.

Later, in the evening, Nikityuk has pleased fans by updating their already ongoing blog column “image of the day”.

For the next secular release, the TV presenter chose a white mini dress at the smell with an asymmetrical cut. On the legs black leather boots, which once again draw attention to long, slender legs leading Ukrainian.

Hair laid in a large, as if slightly “disheveled” hair — trend hairstyles 2019. From jewelry — gold chunky chain around the neck.