Lesya Nikityuk pampered with food and drink Czech cuisine

Lesya Nikityuk together with her mother went to Prague. Leading the trip was intense – she had to visit the presentation of the brand of the car, and also have fun at the afterparty in the company of Catherine Kuchar and Alexander Stoyanov, and also to walk around the Czech capital and enjoy traditional cuisine. Fresh pictures in Instagram Lady Le bragged about his “rich” the original Breakfast.

Леся Никитюк побаловала себя блюдами и напитками чешской кухни

Les posing without makeup, in casual clothes – a cozy sweatshirt and a black long coat. In two hands she holds a mug of beer, and before it is a traditional dish of the Czech cuisine – soup in bread.

“Good outradio! I’m drinking divadlo and eat supadio!!! Your Letadlo. Foto — Mamada” — with humor signed Les, inventing their own “language” to communicate. She also left a couple of hashtags: #trenchanskie #lucciauno #of nasmotrelsya.

Leading fans liked her new “dialect” and they were in every way of complimenting the Lady Le.

  • What a ridiculous
  • Well done Les, our people
  • That’s what I understand Saturday
  • Even with a mug in hand, look at the height
  • The usual brutal Czech Breakfast
  • Lesya VI neimovirna positive person!
  • Wow, Lesyunya, directly s two hands
  • Crotalo!
  • So cool
  • Lol
  • You as always krasavella and superada!!! And as always prikolnaja! Nice appamada!