Lesya Nikityuk revealed another stunning Vista


Lesya Nikityuk have a few days to admire his huge army of admirers of the beauty of the Kherson region. Note that Ukrainian TV presenter engrossed in shooting a new project, which is devoted to travel to Ukraine. Called the new program “LeМаршрутка”. It is known that a film crew travels to the city sights on the bus! Although the details of the project yet, little is known. But nikitiuk with pleasure shows to fans all the details of his eventful trip. So, Les takes dozens of photos and a short video that shares the stories tab on his instagram page. And recently, she revealed another stunning Vista.

Леся Никитюк показала очередную потрясающую достопримечательность

So, in your instagram blog Les showed the fans a series of photos of unique places in Kherson region. The TV presenter visited the so-called Lemurian the lake. The water is very rich in salts. In addition, the Lemurian water of the lake is rich with various minerals, acids, carbohydrates, nitrogenous substances, salts, predominantly magnesium chloride and potassium, iodide of sodium, bromide of magnesium. So she and pink.

Nikitiuk posing in a beautiful lake on the ankle. While the presenter can see the familiar attire — black Cycling shorts in sequins, short green pink one shoulder top and a green Cape.

“Lake watermelon juice. Yak dumat shcho TSE??” — signed photo of Nikityuk obras also to the fans.

However, members of the Forest very quickly guessed the place.

  • “Lemurian lake,from the salt turned pink”
  • “Rosove lake on Arabatsky strlc, where I also Bula”
  • “TSE Rozhiv lake, in Czaplinska R-Ni”
  • “We have a Curve ROS navti kalyuzha such coloro))”
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