Lesya Nikityuk shared a funny freeze-frame with male

Lesya Nikityuk earned people’s love, thanks to sparkling brand of humor and contagious positive attitude. In addition, the presenter regularly dominates the network with their endless legs and enjoy wearing ultra-short mini, which sits perfectly on her slim figure.

Леся Никитюк поделилась забавным стоп-кадром с мужчиной

For example, during your trip to Paris she was walking around the city in a spicy dress jacket from Andre tan. But a new Instagram post in challenged network not outright dress of stars, and a fun stop-the-scenes with a man, who happened to be next to Lady Le.

The media personality posing in a casual manner in the background of axeltorv in one of the capital’s shopping centers. It is a trendy shirt in Safari-style sand color with large patch pockets at the chest and trousers discreet but original colors. She complements the image of a taupe clutch bag, a wide black belt and ankle boots wine color.

But attention to the frame draws not only the leading, and the random passer-by, which with interest assessed Lesin “rear view”.

“That awkward moment”, signed provocative and revelatory frame leading.

Fans immediately began to joke in the comments and assured that fully understand a passerby, because the figure of Lesi is excellent.

  • On the eyes to look at a beautiful girl
  • That awkward moment when your ass appreciated
  • Appreciated the rear view, and, perhaps, boots liked, in modern society live, so to speak
  • There is something to pay attention! And what’s so embarrassing?
  • Krasna
  • Oh, these men!
  • Ivanivna, ti always on visit
  • Yaky precauci look
  • And the boy knows where to look.
  • Les, why the man was caught?