Lesya Nikityuk stirred the spicy Network, the announcement of the popular show

Famous and popular leading Ukrainian Lesya Nikityuk announced on his page in Instagram the new season of the popular show on the “New channel” — “Hto against blondes,” reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Accents.

Леся Никитюк взбудоражила Сеть пикантным анонсом популярного шоу

As you know Les has rapidly gained popularity thanks to the project about travel “heads and Tails” in which the audience appreciated her easy style of communication and behavior that were very close to ordinary Ukrainians. After a few seasons of the show, her career just took off and she was invited to a variety show.

Now nikitiuk leads several programs on the New channel, and one of them is show “Who against blondes”, to which Les, and devoted a new post on your Instagram.

The first thing that strikes a new record, Lesja, so it’s saver, because it at least is pretty florid and literally “forces” you to watch the whole movie. Video Les appear on the background of the crowd of blondes dressed in pink things with a big neckline. Known leading says that in order so there’s no doubt that they are tough, Les will now show the ratings of the program for 3 seasons.

It is true, as did the leading causes a slight shock and at the same time smile. So, Lesya Nikityuk decided to demonstrate the growing rating of the program with women’s busts of different sizes.

Lesia subscribers could not pass up and immediately began to comment on this video.

Most users appreciated this unusual approach nikitiuk. However, was unhappy. Someone thought that it looks really dirty.