Lesya Nikityuk told about bullying in school

Lesya Nikityuk is one of the most popular broadcasters of Ukraine and a real people’s favorite. Fans adore Lady Le for its sparkling humor, simplicity and of course beauty. So, on a recent photo celebrity boasted long legs and just the same, bathed in the compliments.

Леся Никитюк рассказала об издевательствах в школе

However at school she is often teased and called names because of its high growth. She told about it in interview “to the Facts.”

According to Nikityuk, she was very unladylike and never even wore skirts and dresses.

“I was not particularly attractive at school. Up to a certain age prefer sneakers, pants, sneakers. Dresses never worn. I wasn’t graceful, feminine clothes. Wearing a skirt for the first time in 25 years. Adolescence was so battered! Only five years ago started to feel more feminine,” admitted the star.

In addition, in adolescence they called her by nicknames — but that’s what gave her the impetus to develop and succeed in life.

“Somewhere from the seventh to the ninth grade I had a really hard time because of the growth. I was the tallest girl in the class, even higher than boys. As soon as I was called giraffe, MOP, pod. I cried, just couldn’t sleep at night. But now very grateful to my classmates, their terrible attitude helped me to get to where we are now,” says Lesya.

Sowomen also told what were her favorite subjects in school.

“In elementary school to straight a’s. But when we moved in fifth grade, my teacher put a ” b ” in the Ukrainian language. I’ve been offended. It was very sad for this rating because I tried so hard. Then moved to another school. We had sports class, heavy routine. At seven in the morning training session at 10:20 in school, then another training. Came home about ten o’clock in the evening and taught lessons. My favorite subject was biology. And the most unloved — algebra and geometry. There is no creativity in these legs and hypotenuse. But thanks to Galina Kazimirovna, which trained us in the classroom, I had an ” a “in geometry and” b ” in algebra,” recalls nikitiuk.