Lesya Nikityuk told what unique gifts she gave to the 32-th anniversary

Among the presents were and sets, and carpets, and jewelry.

Леся Никитюк рассказала, какие оригинальные подарки ей подарили на 32-летие

TV presenter Les nikitiuk, which recently celebrated its 32 anniversary, admitted that she gave on the day of birth, says “social life”.

As you know, guests and loved ones a celebrity called in one of the restaurants where he’s dancing on the table, and also sang in karakoe. By the way, your songs the birthday girl was pampered and superblondinka Olya Polyakova.

Nikityuk told me that she gave on the day of birth. “Jewels, hot air balloon rides, very cool sets, carpets good,” he listed Les.

By the way, recently Lesya Nikityuk fans, singing the soundtrack to his new show.

“I thought if I have something to rivet and just use another. The other was Ruslan Kvinta, he wrote very good music, so soulful. I called Tanya Reshetnyak, saying, “Tanya, well, TAYANNA, they say, sklepy me a few lines, because I don’t know how to write songs. She wrote a few words, I realized that it is necessary to finish itself, because I can’t sing that will come up with a different person. And I started to write,” — said nikitiuk.

As a leading shared, if she had ambitions to be a singer.

“Maybe there will be some songs, but they are not in order then to perform on stage and to collect stadiums. It’s like a complex. I want to comprehensively do their job,” said Les.